Data Recovery Service

Why Schools Need Data Recovery Service Providers

Schools today are embracing technology by storing most of their critical data electronically.  It is not uncommon to find test scores, teachers’ planning sheets, curricula, student transcripts and attendance housed digitally. While this is a step in the right direction, unfortunately backup recovery in education is often lacking. All of this information is important to the students’ future, staff’s performance and for the school to continue running efficiently.

If a natural disaster like a fire or flood occurs, a virus attacks, or a hacker decides to infiltrate the school’s system, critical data can be lost or take a long time to retrieve. This slows down the valuable education process and instills a loss of faith in the district. A cloud based data recovery service provider can help schools keep all their information secure and accessible in times of a catastrophe. Let us explain further the benefits for schools that have backup and data recovery service providers via the cloud.

Cost Effective

In the last few years, schools across the nation have been forced to deal with cutting down to the bare bones in order to save money. Having a backup and data recovery service provider is cost effective, since you pay based on how much data is being backed up. There is no need to invest in any hardware such as tape backup or initial start up fees. The backup plan is scalable and can be adjusted according to the school’s needs.

Continuity Plan

In the event that a disaster occurs, or even if you simply suffer a power outage, a data recovery service provider will allow the school to continue its operations and access data.  For example, if a child is unaccounted for, you will be able to pull up the attendance and find out if they are lost in the building or were absent that day. Anything else can be pulled up from a remote location in the event of a catastrophic situation like a fire or flood.

Simple Data Recovery 

Pull up and necessary information pertaining to the educational institution within seconds from any machine. There is no delay going through tapes, mounting them and finally reading the information. Find what you need instantly without wasting valuable time.

Easy Collaboration 

Teaching is all about collaboration between educators.  One student may have a homeroom teacher, a teacher for special ed and one for reading.  With cloud based storage, it is easy for those teachers in each department to share plans and files about the student, allowing them to collaborate and give the best instruction possible.  Once the information is stored in the cloud, it can be pulled up easily for reference and as a tool for future planning.

Data Security

All of the information stored about children in schools must be kept secure to ensure privacy, as well as for safety reasons. When investing in a data recovery service provider, information can be encrypted and transferred over the Internet via a secure connection. This is not unlike what is used in business and banking.  All information is backed up automatically so there is no need for staff to worry about special tools or software to back up sensitive data.


Why You Should Consider the Benefits of Virtualization

Businesses today simply cannot function without the help of the most up-to-date computer technology. Big or small, most businesses require the use of multi-server networks. Having multiple servers usually means spending more money and having less space. Fortunately, that doesn’t always have to be the case thanks to virtualization strategies.

What is Virtualization?

Regardless of the extent of your knowledge of computers and technology the concept of virtualization is fairly simple to understand. In fact, simplicity is kind of the foundation of a virtualization strategy. The concept involves using the already-available resources of your network to create the effect of a multiple-server network without the hassle of adding more physical servers and paying the additional costs.

How Exactly Does Virtualization Work?

Virtualization is created by dividing up the components of a computer so that each of the various components can essentially function as an individual server. This creates the effect of having multiple servers without the need for additional space and cost, which can be very beneficial to businesses that need larger networks to function. Virtualization helps develop a “super computer” of sorts that eliminates the need for actually having the extra servers that are usually required. This dividing process is achieved by the use of a hypervisor, which is the software used for virtualization.

What Are Some of the Major Benefits of Virtualization?

One of the most noteworthy benefits of virtualization is the fact that it is cost-effective. Businesses that require multiple servers are well aware just how costly such an undertaking can become. However, because virtualization makes use of the already-existing components of a computer to create highly-functioning server substitutes, this allows businesses to avoid having to spend the money required for running multiple servers. This also conserves energy, which is something that should always be kept in mind when running a large network.

A great deal of physical space is also saved when you employ a virtualization strategy. With multiple standard servers, you will often end up with a large amount of extra gear for networking that can easily take up a lot of space. This is often a burden, especially for small businesses that don’t have a lot of room to work with in the first place. Fortunately, a virtualization strategy only requires the same amount of space you started out with.

Who Should Implement a Virtualization Strategy?

Though it may be fairly simple to understand benefits of virtualization and how it works, that does not mean it can be implemented by just anyone. Since the process of dividing up computer components efficiently is a complex process when it comes down to the technical aspects, a certified professional should be hired to help create a virtualization strategy.

Camp like James Bond

How to Go Camping Like James Bond

Let’s face it — when it comes to cool technology, James Bond is king. While he may be more known for his high-tech weaponry and spy gadgets, one can safely assume 007 would definitely bring only the best camping technology for a wilderness excursion. Whether you’ll be using it for top-secret espionage business or just a leisurely little getaway, here is some of the best new innovative camping technology that can help you go camping like James Bond.

Take Shelter in a Geodesic Dome Tent

Before you get going with any of the more gadgety gear, a camper needs to have their shelter situation figured out. A traditional tent just won’t do for a secret agent type, which is why the geodesic dome tent is the perfect fit for the tech-loving camper. No need to mess with poles, as these tents are conveniently inflatable and completely durable. Options include The Cave design, which is available for $715 and The Wedge, which is available for $580.

Purify Your Water for Safe Drinking with the SteriPEN

When you’re camping, one of the top concerns often revolves around where you will get water that is safe for drinking. You can’t always count on the water to be clean in the area you’re camping in, but you also don’t want to be packing gallons upon gallons of water on top of everything else you need to bring. Fortunately, water purifying is possible thanks to a portable UV lamp known as the SteriPEN. By simply turning it on and stirring a few times, you can purify any and all water from any source. Plus, the SteriPEN doubles as an LED flashlight, in case you are a spy who needs to watch out for the bad guys. The SteriPEN can be purchased for $89.95.

Rinse off the Dirt from the Day with the Help of the Helio Pressure Shower

It’s almost amazing just how dirty you can get when you go camping — even if you’re only a few hours into your trip. What’s even more amazing, though, is that there is camping technology that lets you take a shower on the go, no matter where you are. This innovative invention is called the Helio Pressure Shower and the best part about it? You don’t even need to hang it from anything to use it! The Helio Pressure Shower is operated by a foot pump that you simply step on to disperse the water. If you want to take a hot shower like you would at home, all you have to do is set the water container (which weighs under two pounds) in the sunlight for a little while to heat it up. You’ll be ready to rinse off right after an intense hike with convenience that seems too good to be true. Besides, if you’re camping like James Bond would, you’re probably always on the go — and you never know when you’re going to have to clean up and put on one of those signature tuxedos.

Flat Rate IT Support

3 Ways Everyone in Your Company Can Benefit from Flat Rate IT Services

When employees in the office have to tackle IT services, regardless of their positions within the company, productivity declines, job satisfaction plummets and frustration soars. You and your employees need to get back to doing what it is that makes the business run, and IT problems aren’t it. Allow the professionals to take care of IT and save your business cash while doing so. Everyone in the company can benefit from flat rate IT, here’s how:

The CEO Saves Cash

When companies decide to use flat rate IT services, as opposed to hourly rates or in-house IT services, the potential to save thousands in IT costs every year emerges. Flat rate IT services permit the CEO to redirect capital and resources to other areas within the company to nurture an environment for growth, marketing, networking, education and specialization. Companies do not have to starve one department of necessary resources to accommodate the fluctuating needs of the IT budget. When businesses employ flat rate services, future planning is easier because the CEO knows the anticipated fixed rate, and the possibility for expensive failures, overtime and downtime diminishes. CEOs have the option to redirect resources, reinvest capital, or save money for future use.

Employees Work in Specialized Areas

The team hired did not plan to deal with IT failures, software malfunctions and data recovery, so why should they have to? Flat rate IT allows company employees and essential management to get back to doing what it is the company hired them to do. When the sales team has more time to sell and network, productivity and profit increase, and the CEO does not have to worry about pushing the money back into the IT budget to pay for costly expenses. Another benefit of having a dedicated flat rate IT team, instead of relying on employees to tolerate and deal with frustrating IT maintenance and service, is morale. Happy employees will stay with your company longer, perform better, and create meaningful relationships within the company and its clients.

Better Relationships with Clients and Vendors

“I’m sorry. Our computers are down right now,” is not your client’s problem, your vendor’s problem, or your potential client’s problem. Clients, vendors and potential clients will only tolerate IT messes for so long, if at all, before they seek assistance or take their business elsewhere. Efficiency and security play a large role in company relationships, and where one company falls short, another company is willing to pick up the slack. When clients feel safe, secure and validated, the relationships they have with the company and its employees improve. Not only will that client continue to do business with your company, but he/she will recommend and refer your business.

Five Travel Apps You Need This Summer

The Top Five Travel Apps to Use This Summer

It’s summer, finally! I’m sure you’ve planned out all of your summer trips and are ready to pack your bags and hit the road! When you’re on the go during your summer vacations, your phone can be your greatest resource – especially with all of the new travel apps. No matter where you are on your travels, all you need to do to find out whatever you need is to download these five travel apps.


The weather is always unpredictable. Whether you’re traveling just a few hours away or flying across the world, it’s hard to decipher what the weather will be like – especially if you’re watching the weather channel in a foreign country. Weather+Free has a simple structure and informs you of the climate in multiple locations and features the local time, temperature, humidity, visibility and wind speed so that you’ll know exactly what to bring and what to wear on your trip!


It’s always nice to find fun events that are going on wherever you’re vacationing at. Goby pinpoints all of the neighborhood hot spots in your vicinity. It can even find nearby events such as concerts, plays and so much more that are just around the corner!

Google Translate

So you’re spending the summer in France and don’t quite remember everything you learned in your high school French class…no problem. Google Translate will rapidly translate entire paragraphs of text, or even the spoken word. Say a phrase in any language and it will repeat your words in the foreign language of your choice.

Hotel Tonight

If you are stressing about finding a hotel room for the night, Hotel Tonight will take care of it. They work with local hotels in major metropolitan areas to post last-minute room rates for hotels that have vacant rooms. This is a newer app, so their coverage is not as wide as one might wish for, but it will continue to grow all over the world.


Stuck with a long layover or delay? GateGuru will provide you with a map of the terminals and reviews of the restaurants in the airport. Although, the best feature may very well be the “tips” section, which shows the average wait time at each terminal’s security checkpoint.

Virtual CIO

How a Virtual CIO Can Help Your Business Succeed

For a business to be successful and secure in its industry, it needs to invest in technology. Technology is ever changing, which means that a team of in-house IT experts is usually employed to keep up with new trends and ensure that technological practices are constantly monitored and upgraded. However, employing a full team of IT experts can become quite costly. Believe it or not, there is a more cost effective way that you can provide your business with the crucial IT support that it requires – hire a virtual Chief Information Officer, or CIO.

What is a virtual CIO? Essentially, it is a title that is given to a signal entity that manages all aspects of your business’ IT, from virus protection to management of infrastructure. So, how can this individual help your business? Here are a few benefits to having a virtual CIO:

  1. Cuts Costs. Hiring a virtual CIO can significantly cut costs for your business. Since this person handles all aspects of IT, you no longer need to employ an entire staff of IT experts who specialize in one specific area. Minimizing your payroll from several people to one person greatly reduces costs. Add to that the fact that this individual is virtual, meaning you don’t have to provide office space or equipment, cutting your expenses even more.
  2. Constant Maintenance, Management and Monitoring. You’ll have the benefit of comprehensive and consisted management of your IT needs. This can make all the difference in the world to how your IT runs. This means that a virus can be identified as soon as it tries to knock down a firewall, and that can save your business a tremendous amount of time and money, not to mention a ton of aggravation.
  3. Round-the-Clock Expertise. Knowing that you have an expert IT professional monitoring all of the aspects of IT, you can gain peace of mind knowing that whatever problem may come your way, the virtual CIO will be able to apply his or her expertise and nip the problem in the bud.
  4. Staying Current with Technology. In order to stay successful, you need to stay current with technology – or even one step ahead of it. A virtual CIO is on the cutting edge of technology, which means that he or she can employ the latest and greatest advances to your business, and will constantly be on the lookout for new advances.

If you want your business to flourish, consider hiring a virtual CIO. The benefits that this professional can provide your business are certainly worth your while.

Growth chart breaking through monitor

3 Ways IT Management Can Help Your Company Grow

There is not one business in the industry that does not aspire to grow. In fact, growth is probably goal number-one. The right technology strategy will fuel that desire and efficiently support you along the way. From cloud services to IT management and support, you can’t do it all on your own, and you don’t need to. Modern businesses are using the support of IT management and reaping the benefits of  the virtual support.

3 Benefits of IT Management

When you employ IT management, you get personalized and dedicated services, and expertise in the field.

1. Reduced IT Costs

An IT expert works with you and your business to determine your immediate IT needs and future plans for growth. The team gets to know you and your business to implement the most effective model for your daily operations. With the benefits of professional services under your IT management, your infrastructure and IT needs are tailor-made to fit your model and your budget. You pay for only what you need. When you hire IT services you don’t have to shell out loads of cash to hire, train, and house your own IT team because everything is virtual. Virtual access to top industry professionals is seamless.

2. Improved Efficiency

Efficiency will improve on many different levels. You and your company won’t have to worry about the daily IT tasks that often plague businesses. When your team can get back to doing what it is they are hired to do, without worrying about IT, productivity and profit increase. Your entire system will also work better. The tailor-made design ensures that you have the very best system for the job. Professional services IT experts look at all the ways your business operates and offers suggestions for improved management. Professional services will work with you to devise and launch a comprehensive plan that includes cloud services, security, mobility, IT management and communication.

3. Reduced Risks

When your office closes for the day, your IT team doesn’t go home when you choose to outsource your IT needs. Your company has 24/7 access to support and security monitoring and cloud services. While your business is in full swing during the day, the IT team is monitoring systems and possible threats, and taking steps to resolve issues before they begin. If you or an employee have IT concerns during the day, immediate access to support ensures your business doesn’t have to stop operations to resolve IT hiccups. Having a professional service IT team means you don’t have to worry about compliance and constant security and software updates. The team takes care of it for you behind the scenes. IT management are necessary for daily successes, long-term goal support, and business continuity.


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A Network without Limits: Teknique IT powered by Brocade Provides Enterprise Technology with all the Perks at a Small Business Cost

Networks are under pressure. Applications and services on networks are transforming rapidly, challenging the load on the network as each requires more and the number of devices increases. Networks have to change to adapt to the modern business’s needs. An all-encompassing approach addresses the need for adaptability, reliability, and support. Many businesses don’t know they have accesses to an affordable network option that delivers more than traditional network system. Brocade provides an open-ended network solution that is flexible and easy to adapt the changing business environment. A network without limits delivers a wealth of benefits to the business without locking the company into a long-term commitment or costing more than the company can afford. Network Consulting services allow businesses to design a network around its needs.

The modern, technology-driven companies of today are challenging the way we look at wireless network. Too many network provides pre-determined rules and limits, and companies are expected to adhere. Many small businesses feel as if their revenue and lack of corporate resources leave them with few solutions. IT managers are tasked with discovering systems that work now and into the future, but constant business changes present unique challenges, and the way current networks are configured prevent IT managers from making the most efficient and affordable decision. Network consulting professionals take the time to get to know the business, its current network needs, future plans for growth, and network demands. Network Consulting takes the weight off the business owners and IT managers, relieving them from network struggles, commitments and uncertainties. A Brocade Network Subscription challenges everything businesses understand about network, and a professional in the industry can show the business how to create its own network without siphoning the company’s revenue. Network systems can be refreshed as needed, and capacitates can be increased or decreased without costing a fortune. The flexibility and scalability Brocade offers permits companies to focus revenue elsewhere to grow the business, not to accommodate the network provider’s terms. Businesses determine “what they need, when they need it, where they need it, and how they want it.”

A Brocade Network without limits is a pay-as-you-use design. Small and midsize businesses pay for only what is needed, which releases companies from locked agreements and depreciation cycles. The lack of long-term commitments permits companies to upgrade as often as the company needs. Businesses have an unlimited ability to scale the system up or down to fits its individual need at any given time and to plan for growth in the future. Businesses become their own network architects.

With businesses owners at the helm, and dedicated support from IT professionals, such as Teknique IT, business owners can reconfigure the company’s network to match IT capacity, project costs, and growth demand. At Teknique IT, we can bridge the gap between you and Brocade to help create a network that meets your current needs. Contact us today.

unplugged time

The Importance of “Unplugged” Time

By the time most American kids are toddlers, they are regularly exposed to technology. Whether it’s an iPad, iPhone or electronic learning device, technology is already taking over attention spans at a young age. Let’s not forget all the TV shows that are made for kids now, and video games, creating generations of inactive children and raising the obesity rate. Adults are even more plugged in, with studies showing that over 80% would be completely lost if they had to go one day without a cell phone.

While apps for kids can help different learning styles, and mobile devices keep us connected and able to work efficiently and remotely, it is important to detach every so often. Here we explore why it’s good for a healthy mind and body for adults and kids to unplug, and some great alternative ways to spend your free time.

Why We Need to Unplug

Technology Causes Poor Sleep Patterns

Kids who play video games or watch TV before bed have a risk of disturbed sleep patterns. The light that emits from electronics can disrupt sleep, since it interferes with the production of melatonin, our sleep hormone. All devices should be turned off at least one hour before bed so kids can get relaxed mentally to fall asleep.

Reduce the Stress Caused by Social Media

When we unplug, we stay off our social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, which have been known to cause stress. With the advancement of technology has come a legitimate psychological disorder: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Since we have a constant stream of updates from our “friends” about what they’re doing, down to their food pics, it causes humans to feel like they are missing something or not leading ban exciting enough life. Research shows that people feel more jealous, lonely and dissatisfied with their life after visiting Facebook. Unplugging teaches us to be content in our current space, and to appreciate the lives we have.

Forgetting What is Truly Important

Even though we can text, Skype, Tweet, Face Time and Post to get in touch with our friends and even sometimes with family members in the same household, life is still about personal contact. When you talk with someone face-to-face, deeper connections are made than what goes on when you’re separated by a screen. This is especially important for fostering healthy relationships with your children, and how they learn to relate to and treat others. Social skills are critical for a healthy life and making contacts down the road. Parents need to be a good example and teach their kids that devices are not allowed at certain times of the day, such as meal times.

Alternatives to Technology

There are plenty of healthy alternatives to technology that adults and kids can participate in together:

  • Games: Board and card games are a great alternative to TV. It brings the family together, and teaches valuable skills like turn taking and how to interact face-to-face.
  • Reading: Allows the child’s imagination and literacy skills to develop.
  • Outdoor Activities: In the winter, take the kids sledding, snowshoeing, skiing or ice fishing. In the summer you can bond over a camping or hiking trip, followed up with a marshmallow roast.
  • Crafting: Instead of zoning out in front of a TV or playing video games, teach your kids crafts that are done by hand. Boys or girls can learn to build, paint, sculpt, scrapbook and more. It keeps the creative juices flowing and teaches them the satisfaction of how it feels to accomplish a task from start to finish.
  • Sports: Finding a sport your child loves will keep them healthy and teach relationship skills.
Wireless networks for schools

Five Reasons for School Wireless Networks

The schools we now know are drastically different from what we knew just a decade ago. Schools are adopting more technology, using state-of-the-art equipment, and instilling love and passion for technology in the younger generations. Much of what schools are accomplishing would not be possible, or at least as fluid, without the functionality of wireless networks. According to a Motorola wireless study, which looked at the number of educational institutions planning a wireless network strategy, 53% were higher education institutions and K-12 schools made up 47%. Regardless of size and institutional type, school wireless networks contribute to success. There are five main reasons why schools are seeking the benefits of a wireless network.

1. As budgets plunge, a wireless solution is an affordable option

A wireless network costs less than traditional wired methods. Instead of running lines and access points into each room, classroom, office, library and everywhere else in between, the network deploys a reliable wireless signal instead. The presence of a wireless network also reduces the institution’s need to provide computers and devices to access the internet. Employees, educators and students can access the wireless network with their own devices.

2. Schools can improve their e-leaning technology and applications

A wireless network allows teachers to employ online instruction materials, whiteboards and smart-boards. The classroom can enter a virtual setting that uses advanced tools, services, and on-line testing resources. The school, administration, and/or teacher can modify an online strategy to meet a variety of learning styles and challenges. Many classrooms and libraries are using mobile devices, such as iPads and tablets, and a wireless network allows children to learn on state-of-the-art technology.

3. Access is granted only approved users, and a guest setting is available for others

Tailored wireless solutions provide access to only authorized users and a guest setting for visitors on the school campus. When a user is required to use his/her specific login credentials to access the network, it makes the next point easier to enforce.

4. Proactive maintenance and monitoring prevents intrusions and data loss

Wireless solutions provide peace of mind and 24/7 accessibility. The less moving parts a system has, the less likely it is to experience significant problems. A wireless solution is easier to monitor and maintain. Allowing only authorized users to access the wireless network means the user has his/her user-specific login credentials. When this occurs, the IT team can successfully monitor and identify suspicious activity.

5. Productivity and accessibility improves

The institution as a whole is more accessible and productive when connectivity is streamlined. Educators, personnel, administrators, parents and students can all communicate better. The school can monitor a student’s progress, streamline recommendations and correspondence, respond to emergencies, and collaborate remotely. Students can also benefit from remote access and increased communication. When students are outside of the classroom, they can collaborate with peers, work with online educational apps, and complete assignments with their own devices in an area that is most comfortable and accessible for them.