Data Recovery Service

Why Schools Need Data Recovery Service Providers

Schools today are embracing technology by storing most of their critical data electronically.  It is not uncommon to find test scores, teachers’ planning sheets, curricula, student transcripts and attendance housed digitally. While this is a step in the right direction, unfortunately backup recovery in education is often lacking. All of this information is important to the students’ future, staff’s performance and for the school to continue running efficiently.

If a natural disaster like a fire or flood occurs, a virus attacks, or a hacker decides to infiltrate the school’s system, critical data can be lost or take a long time to retrieve. This slows down the valuable education process and instills a loss of faith in the district. A cloud based data recovery service provider can help schools keep all their information secure and accessible in times of a catastrophe. Let us explain further the benefits for schools that have backup and data recovery service providers via the cloud.

Cost Effective

In the last few years, schools across the nation have been forced to deal with cutting down to the bare bones in order to save money. Having a backup and data recovery service provider is cost effective, since you pay based on how much data is being backed up. There is no need to invest in any hardware such as tape backup or initial start up fees. The backup plan is scalable and can be adjusted according to the school’s needs.

Continuity Plan

In the event that a disaster occurs, or even if you simply suffer a power outage, a data recovery service provider will allow the school to continue its operations and access data.  For example, if a child is unaccounted for, you will be able to pull up the attendance and find out if they are lost in the building or were absent that day. Anything else can be pulled up from a remote location in the event of a catastrophic situation like a fire or flood.

Simple Data Recovery 

Pull up and necessary information pertaining to the educational institution within seconds from any machine. There is no delay going through tapes, mounting them and finally reading the information. Find what you need instantly without wasting valuable time.

Easy Collaboration 

Teaching is all about collaboration between educators.  One student may have a homeroom teacher, a teacher for special ed and one for reading.  With cloud based storage, it is easy for those teachers in each department to share plans and files about the student, allowing them to collaborate and give the best instruction possible.  Once the information is stored in the cloud, it can be pulled up easily for reference and as a tool for future planning.

Data Security

All of the information stored about children in schools must be kept secure to ensure privacy, as well as for safety reasons. When investing in a data recovery service provider, information can be encrypted and transferred over the Internet via a secure connection. This is not unlike what is used in business and banking.  All information is backed up automatically so there is no need for staff to worry about special tools or software to back up sensitive data.

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