Teknique IT Has a CMAS to Become Your eRate Specialists

The California eRate program provides discounts on the costs of necessary telecommunications to eligible schools and libraries. eRate is a federal program of the FCC, which is administered by the Schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). This company provides 20 to 90 percent discounts to eligible Kindergarten through 12th grade public schools and libraries on Internet access, approved telecommunications and the costs of internal communications. In order to make eligible purchases to schools, you must also hold a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract. Teknique IT holds a valid CMAS Contract in the state of California and is registered with the USAC. Keep reading to see how Teknique IT can be your eRate specialists.

About the CMAS Contract in California

When a company holds a CMAS contract, they are authorized to sell specific products and provide specific technical services. Companies with a CMAS contract are able to legally demonstrate their qualification to provide personal, consulting or technical services being offered. State and local government agencies can use CMAS contracts, including the K-12 public schools and community colleges chosen to spend public funds. CMAS contracts are set up for both IT and non-IT products and services at fair, reasonable and competitive prices.

Companies that are registered in California are offered a CMAS that is not established via a competitive bid process run by the state. Instead, they are based on pre-approved federal contracts. A company can hold up to 15 CMAS contracts.

Make Teknique IT Your eRate Technology Provider

Teknique IT holds a valid California CMAS Contract and is also registered with USAC. These qualifications make us eligible to make eRate purchases for eligible libraries and schools. It can be overwhelming when it comes to sorting out just what technologies your schools can obtain and how much. This is where Teknique IT can help. Our CMAS Contract allows us to consult and guide you through the process. We have eRate specialists on our team who can answer any and all questions you have about eRate technology for your schools.

Let Teknique IT Help With eRate Technology Planning

Although technology plans are not a requirement for eRate funds, there is a strong recommendation from the California Department of Technology that local educational agencies create and use a technology plan that has been locally approved. This will be a guide for the use of technology to improve the education of all students. Teknique IT’s CMAS allows our specialists to help you with any questions about eRate technology planning.

Contact Teknique IT to handle all of your eRate needs. Not only can we help those who are in need of a company who holds a CMAS, we can be there for all of your IT needs. Our business solutions include: VoIP, Mobility. Office 365, Custom Network Design and Cabling, Network Security, Virtualization, Business Continuity and more!

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