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Interested In IT Cost Reduction? Get Flat Rate Services from Teknique IT

Don’t Let IT Costs Takeover Your Business

Too often, we hear companies say that they can’t get a handle on their IT costs. It is true that IT infrastructure can get expensive, especially when you are trying to manage your IT and complete repairs and maintenance on your own. But what if you had a partner that specialized in IT? One that could offer you managed services that could significantly reduce downtime, 24/7 network monitoring, a dedicated IT staff proactively solving problems, and more, all for a fixed flat fee each month? Teknique IT does just that, by helping companies get the IT cost reductions they need. Our goal is to help you maximize your business by reducing IT costs so that you can dedicate resources towards creating more value for your clients. You can count on us to find and solve IT problems, before they become problems.


Benefits of Flat Rate IT Solutions

When you are paying a technician to come in and repair your IT infrastructure, you’ll quickly find that paying by the hour gets very expensive. An even bigger issue is that the technician is performing a one-off job, and will likely not be there for support in the future. With a flat rate IT solution, you are paying for 24/7 support that you can count on. For a fixed, flat monthly fee, you get a team of IT support staff who will be there for any of your IT issues. Not only will your support team fix the problem, but they will provide future support and maintenance so that you can feel comfortable that your systems will continue running smoothly. You can increase your productivity by knowing that all of your IT needs are covered.


Maximize Your Company’s Potential

Teknique IT’s goal is to help your business maximize its potential. You can’t do that if you are inefficiently managing your IT infrastructure. We’ll help with cost reduction, so that you can get the most out of your IT infrastructure without paying heavy fees each time you need a repair or maintenance. We’ll provide you with IT consulting and the support you need to tackle any IT infrastructure problem or project. If you want proactive support that will cover your software, hardware, servers, and networks, then you’ve found a long term partner in Teknique IT. Our team is ready to get to work helping your business become more efficient.

Cost Reduction

Effective Cost Reduction for Your IT Budget

IT Infrastructure Can Get Expensive

When it comes to IT infrastructure, you already know how expensive your hardware can get. Servers, hard drives, and other IT infrastructure can get very costly, especially when it comes to installation, maintenance, and support. These costs can weigh down your IT budget and make it difficult for you to dedicate IT resources elsewhere. You may want your IT department to be able to work on a new project, but while they are bogged down with costly repairs, they simply might not have the time or resources available. That’s why Teknique IT is dedicated to helping your company towards effective cost reduction for your IT budget. We offer several services that help keep your costs low and predictable, and reduce the need for reactive maintenance to your hardware.

 How Teknique IT Can Help With Cost Reduction

Without the right support, it can seem almost impossible to save money on IT infrastructure costs. After all, you need these operations to keep your business running smoothly. Without them, you can lose productivity and ultimately become less competitive. Teknique IT offers several services that help with cost reduction for your IT budget. The most prominent is the proactive maintenance service, also known as flat rate IT. With flat rate IT, you pay an affordable flat rate each month, and get proactive IT support to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly. This allows you to focus on your business without worrying about having to handle potentially costly maintenance or repairs. Teknique IT also offers several solutions that directly impact productivity, such as VoIP services, Mobility services, Office 365, and Virtualization. Teknique IT can even build your company a custom network that meets your business’s long term goals. A more productive company is a more cost-efficient one.

Choosing the Right Services For Your Business

If you want to reduce your IT costs, you need a team of IT professionals that are invested in your success. Teknique IT is dedicated to working directly with our clients as a long term partner. We’ll consult with you to determine your long term needs and goals, as well as evaluate your current IT infrastructure. From there, we can provide you with services that will result in effective cost reduction as well as improve your company’s bottom line. We want all of the companies that we work with to succeed, and that’s we strive to offer IT solutions that are second to none. Give us a call to learn more.


Benefits of E-Rate

In 2014, the federal government approved a $1.5-billion-dollar E-Rate funding program after years of stale funding. The E-Rate program provides schools in underfunded and disadvantaged communities with improved technology, access to systems and internet. The new funding measure raised the funding cap to $3.9 billion per year, which had previously remained the same for nearly 20 years.


What is E-Rate?

E-Rate refers to The Schools and Libraries program in the U.S. The program provided schools and libraries with the opportunity to access more affordable telecommunications and information services when it was first implemented in the mid-90s. The program is funded by the Universal Service Fund to provided reduced rates on internet access and telecommunications to establish innovative learning strategies and digital technologies in schools and libraries.


Which Schools Are Eligible?

Schools are required to meet certain eligibility standards. Schools must be an elementary or secondary school that meets the definition outlined in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. If a library applies for funding, the library must be defined in accordance with definition in the 1996 Library Services and Technology Act. The library must be eligible to receive assistance from its state library administrative agency.


Benefits of E-Rate

Schools and libraries in underserved areas will benefit from the program if they qualify. Benefits of the E-Rate funding boost include:

  • Schools and libraries can sign up for funding online, which makes the process easier and spells out the needs and requirements of the funding.
  • Allows schools and libraries to find vendors who provide them with the best discounts and services.
  • Allows schools and libraries to modernize their technology and internet connections, or establish internet in a school or library altogether. Schools and libraries can shift from legacy services and unreliable connections to broadband and WiFi services. WiFi expands reliable internet access to millions of school children nationwide.
  • Funding for the E-Rate program comes from telecommunications service and internet providers. Consumers will notice the charge on their bills, listed as “Universal Service.” Telecommunication service providers include telephone companies, VoIP providers, fiber-optic phone service provers, and wireless phone providers.
  • Schools and libraries receive discounts on either telecommunications, telecommunications services or internet, which are considered category services, and either internal connections, broadband services and maintenance services, which are considered category two services.
  • Schools and libraries in impoverished areas and rural areas can receive up to 20% to 90% to access services and technologies. Discounts can be higher in some areas.


Tips for Applying for E-Rate

If you are a school or library administrator who wishes to apply for E-Rate funding, consider the following tips to make the process easier.

  • Apply online, but understand the parameters and eligibility requirements before you start the application.
  • Utilize resources and contacts to help you apply and to move through the process.
  • Know all the expectations and the deadlines.
  • Use the most current versions of each form and read all of the for certifications.
  • After you submit, be diligent and check the progress often.


If you are a school or library interested in E-Rate funding, contact Teknique. Teknique is an approved provider that will help your school or library save up to 90% on internet and technology services.

Stability Offered by Managed IT Solutions Providers

When you’re running a business, you don’t have time to deal with the day-to-day upkeep of your company’s computer system. Making sure your network is getting all the necessary updates and keeping it safe from viruses is quite time consuming. In business, time equals money. You can’t afford to waste any time staying on top of your computer network yourself. If you become too busy and forget a necessary security update, your system can become corrupted and set you back days, costing lots of money to get it repaired. More and more companies are outsourcing their computer needs in order to save them time, money, and increase security. Below we discuss in more detail the stability offered by hiring managed IT solutions providers.


Save Money with Managed IT Solutions Providers

When you outsource your company’s IT needs to a managed IT solutions provider, you will save money. One way is by controlling IT costs. Instead of fixed IT costs for an in-house specialist, your costs become variable and let you budget more effectively. With an IT solutions provider you only pay for what you use and when you need it.

Reducing labor costs will also save your business money. Hiring and training an in-house IT staff tends to be expensive. Plus, these temporary employees are not always well trained in all areas of IT, forcing you to look for a specialist when a crisis occurs. When you outsource to an IT solutions provider, you will be able to focus your human resources where they can best help your company to grow as well as receive services from professionals in all areas of IT.


Managed IT Solutions Providers Supply Better Security

Even the companies and industries you think would be the safest – Hollywood, insurance companies, big box stores – are seeing hackers break into their systems. It’s important to always keep up-to-date with the latest in network security. With a managed IT solutions provider, they will handle that for you and make constant updates and system monitoring part of your contract. You don’t have to worry about your networks security and spend time focusing on business.


Maintain Compliance with Managed IT Solutions Providers

Businesses have more ways than ever of taking payment for products or services, including debit and credit cards, e-checks, gift cards and certificates, PayPal, and wire transfers. In order to continue to accept these forms of payment, your company must implement and maintain PCI Compliance standards. If you don’t, your customers’ data, card numbers, and other sensitive information can be compromised. Your managed IT solutions provider will be familiar with current standards and remove the burden by maintaining them for you.


These are only a few of the ways a managed IT solutions provider can offer more security for your business. If you are interested in outsourcing your IT needs, contact us today!

3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Disaster Recovery Planning

While death and taxes may seem like the only true sure things in life, don’t underestimate the near certainty of business data loss. According to CloudBackup’s ‘Facts about Data Loss’ study, nearly 70% of businesses and business professionals have experienced, or will experience, data loss as a result of accidental deletion or other human error, hardware or software failure, viruses, or even natural disasters.

When it comes to being capable of handling such problems, your business must have a backup plan in place as well as a disaster recovery plan. They may seem similar to you, but the difference is simple. A backup plan is the process and systems a business uses to backup critical data and systems. A disaster recovery plan is the process, policy, and procedure used to ensure your business can continue operating normally after data has been lost.

With that said, here are three questions you must ask yourself when creating your disaster recovery plan.


How much of your business critical data will be backed up?

Data backups are great and all, but they are only as useful as the type of data being backed up. If all you are backing up is HR records with employee data and you’re ignoring backing up customer information and business financial records, then you’re really missing the point.

You must backup all of your data. If that’s not possible (for whatever reason) then at least backup the critical information such as customer records, financial records, vendor information, employee information and records, as well as any and all licenses or permits required by regulatory and government agencies.


Will your data be stored offsite?


Offsite backup options have become popular and widely accepted recently due to the low cost associated with offsite backup services and ease with which data can be backed up, often times automatically or on a specific schedule. While offsite data backup solutions are more reliable than many onsite data backup systems, you’ll still want to make sure that whoever your provider is also offers redundancy options in case one system fails and guarantees the highest levels of security and encryption.


How will you communicate with employees and customers during recovery?


Many recovery options from reputable service providers are able to get your core systems and data up and running again within the hour. However, it could take several hours after that to fully recover all data that was lost during whatever incident occurred. There must be a plan or process in place that allows employees to know exactly what they need to do during such an event and how customers will be notified, if at all, while you are waiting for all systems to be fully operational again.

Everything You Need to Know About VoIP

VoIP (short for Voice over Internet Protocol) technology uses a digital network to transmit your voice. It uses the Internet to connect your private telephone line(s) to the traditional public telephone network. This technology works over a variety of different IP devices, including computers, IP-enabled phones, and tablets. There are many benefits to using VoIP.


Reduction in Cost

One of the most attractive things about VoIP is its low cost compared to conventional switched telephone networks. For a business, the startup cost can be significant. Once the system is up and running, it will be less costly to maintain than a traditional phone network. All telephone and data usage are combined into one network, decreasing the costs of maintenance and equipment. Internal calls are free and long distance charges are majorly reduced.



In the VoIP system, a phone number is not tied to a dedicated line. This means that traveling with an IP phone or other VoIP device will allow you to make and receive calls using the same phone number. All of your phone services also travel with you, including call waiting, voice mail and call logs. Businesses with international offices can subscribe to a VoIP service in their home country, drastically reducing the costs of frequent international calls.



Adding additional users to your company’s VoIP system is much easier than adding extra physical phone lines. Simply call your provider and they will assist you in setting up another handset. You can also purchase VoIP telephone adaptors which allow you to use the same technology with only a conventional phone and a computer.


Should You Make the Switch?

Before switching to VoIP, take the time to evaluate the needs of your business and the capability of your current technology. If your network can easily handle an increase in data and has plenty of available bandwidth, you can easily switch to VoIP calling. Upgrading your network is always a possibility, but will increase the cost of the change. Companies whose phone traffic consists exclusively of local calls, or who are only paying for a few dedicated phone lines may not benefit as much from VoIP technology. However, if your employees frequently make long distance or international calls, work from home, or travel for work, your business costs could be substantially reduced by switching to VoIP. Be aware that in-house tools that depend on landlines, like some alarm systems and credit card terminals, can’t be converted to VoIP.


The smartest thing to do when considering a switch to VoIP is to look into several providers and make sure you understand all the costs involved in making the change. Then weigh the benefits of making the switch against the actual cost to your company.

Man Regains Sight Through Advances in Medical Technology

Something amazing happened while you weren’t looking, however there is a man in Minnesota, Allen Zderad, who saw it all perfectly for the first time in 45 years. Thanks to the bionic eye, a handful of people across the globe are seeing loved ones for the first time.

Zderad received the transplant after 20 years of suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, which caused him to lose his sight for two decades and can eventually lead to complete blindness.

The very first bionic eye transplant for macular degeneration occurred in Ray Flynn, an 80-year-old man from Audenshaw, early this year. Flynn had lost his central vision because of Macular Degeneration, and after years of blindness, a four-hour procedure at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital restored his sight with the bionic eye—the Argus II. Most transplants are performed on patients with retinitis pigmentosa. Flynn was the very first patient to receive the transplant for Macular Degeneration.


Macular Degeneration (AMD) affects more than 20 million people worldwide. In the US alone, more than 3 million Americans over the age of 40 are either legally blind or have low vision. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports the most common age-related eye diseases in the US include macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetes complications. AMD alone affects nearly 2 million Americans, and the number is expected to reach almost 3 million by the year 2020. The CDC reports over 7 million people with large drusen – yellow or white deposits under the retina – are at a higher risk for AMD.

In 2013, the FDA approved the Second Sight Argus device for people with such devastating degenerative eye diseases. The Second Sight Argus II, or bionic eye, is a device that looks similar to a pair of safety glasses. On the front of the glasses is a camera. When the camera captures an image, the device converts the image(s) into electrical pulses. The pulses are sent wirelessly to electrodes that are attached to the retina. The information is sent to the brain via the remaining electrodes that have been stimulated by the electrodes.

After about two weeks, patients can detect patterns on a computer screen with help from the transplant. The device does not restore sight completely, but it can allow the wearer to see light, helping the patient identify contours and outlines of people and things. Zderad, the Minnesota patient, reports a flash, not a constant vision of sight. The pixelated view allows patients to interpret what they are seeing, which helps them get around better and see the world around them again.

Only about 100 patients in the world have received the transplant. It comes with a hefty price tag of more than $150,000. However, as more institutions receive the okay to perform trial implants, participants may receive the device for free.

Camp like James Bond

How to Go Camping Like James Bond

Let’s face it — when it comes to cool technology, James Bond is king. While he may be more known for his high-tech weaponry and spy gadgets, one can safely assume 007 would definitely bring only the best camping technology for a wilderness excursion. Whether you’ll be using it for top-secret espionage business or just a leisurely little getaway, here is some of the best new innovative camping technology that can help you go camping like James Bond.

Take Shelter in a Geodesic Dome Tent

Before you get going with any of the more gadgety gear, a camper needs to have their shelter situation figured out. A traditional tent just won’t do for a secret agent type, which is why the geodesic dome tent is the perfect fit for the tech-loving camper. No need to mess with poles, as these tents are conveniently inflatable and completely durable. Options include The Cave design, which is available for $715 and The Wedge, which is available for $580.

Purify Your Water for Safe Drinking with the SteriPEN

When you’re camping, one of the top concerns often revolves around where you will get water that is safe for drinking. You can’t always count on the water to be clean in the area you’re camping in, but you also don’t want to be packing gallons upon gallons of water on top of everything else you need to bring. Fortunately, water purifying is possible thanks to a portable UV lamp known as the SteriPEN. By simply turning it on and stirring a few times, you can purify any and all water from any source. Plus, the SteriPEN doubles as an LED flashlight, in case you are a spy who needs to watch out for the bad guys. The SteriPEN can be purchased for $89.95.

Rinse off the Dirt from the Day with the Help of the Helio Pressure Shower

It’s almost amazing just how dirty you can get when you go camping — even if you’re only a few hours into your trip. What’s even more amazing, though, is that there is camping technology that lets you take a shower on the go, no matter where you are. This innovative invention is called the Helio Pressure Shower and the best part about it? You don’t even need to hang it from anything to use it! The Helio Pressure Shower is operated by a foot pump that you simply step on to disperse the water. If you want to take a hot shower like you would at home, all you have to do is set the water container (which weighs under two pounds) in the sunlight for a little while to heat it up. You’ll be ready to rinse off right after an intense hike with convenience that seems too good to be true. Besides, if you’re camping like James Bond would, you’re probably always on the go — and you never know when you’re going to have to clean up and put on one of those signature tuxedos.

Flat Rate IT Support

3 Ways Everyone in Your Company Can Benefit from Flat Rate IT Services

When employees in the office have to tackle IT services, regardless of their positions within the company, productivity declines, job satisfaction plummets and frustration soars. You and your employees need to get back to doing what it is that makes the business run, and IT problems aren’t it. Allow the professionals to take care of IT and save your business cash while doing so. Everyone in the company can benefit from flat rate IT, here’s how:

The CEO Saves Cash

When companies decide to use flat rate IT services, as opposed to hourly rates or in-house IT services, the potential to save thousands in IT costs every year emerges. Flat rate IT services permit the CEO to redirect capital and resources to other areas within the company to nurture an environment for growth, marketing, networking, education and specialization. Companies do not have to starve one department of necessary resources to accommodate the fluctuating needs of the IT budget. When businesses employ flat rate services, future planning is easier because the CEO knows the anticipated fixed rate, and the possibility for expensive failures, overtime and downtime diminishes. CEOs have the option to redirect resources, reinvest capital, or save money for future use.

Employees Work in Specialized Areas

The team hired did not plan to deal with IT failures, software malfunctions and data recovery, so why should they have to? Flat rate IT allows company employees and essential management to get back to doing what it is the company hired them to do. When the sales team has more time to sell and network, productivity and profit increase, and the CEO does not have to worry about pushing the money back into the IT budget to pay for costly expenses. Another benefit of having a dedicated flat rate IT team, instead of relying on employees to tolerate and deal with frustrating IT maintenance and service, is morale. Happy employees will stay with your company longer, perform better, and create meaningful relationships within the company and its clients.

Better Relationships with Clients and Vendors

“I’m sorry. Our computers are down right now,” is not your client’s problem, your vendor’s problem, or your potential client’s problem. Clients, vendors and potential clients will only tolerate IT messes for so long, if at all, before they seek assistance or take their business elsewhere. Efficiency and security play a large role in company relationships, and where one company falls short, another company is willing to pick up the slack. When clients feel safe, secure and validated, the relationships they have with the company and its employees improve. Not only will that client continue to do business with your company, but he/she will recommend and refer your business.

Five Travel Apps You Need This Summer

The Top Five Travel Apps to Use This Summer

It’s summer, finally! I’m sure you’ve planned out all of your summer trips and are ready to pack your bags and hit the road! When you’re on the go during your summer vacations, your phone can be your greatest resource – especially with all of the new travel apps. No matter where you are on your travels, all you need to do to find out whatever you need is to download these five travel apps.


The weather is always unpredictable. Whether you’re traveling just a few hours away or flying across the world, it’s hard to decipher what the weather will be like – especially if you’re watching the weather channel in a foreign country. Weather+Free has a simple structure and informs you of the climate in multiple locations and features the local time, temperature, humidity, visibility and wind speed so that you’ll know exactly what to bring and what to wear on your trip!


It’s always nice to find fun events that are going on wherever you’re vacationing at. Goby pinpoints all of the neighborhood hot spots in your vicinity. It can even find nearby events such as concerts, plays and so much more that are just around the corner!

Google Translate

So you’re spending the summer in France and don’t quite remember everything you learned in your high school French class…no problem. Google Translate will rapidly translate entire paragraphs of text, or even the spoken word. Say a phrase in any language and it will repeat your words in the foreign language of your choice.

Hotel Tonight

If you are stressing about finding a hotel room for the night, Hotel Tonight will take care of it. They work with local hotels in major metropolitan areas to post last-minute room rates for hotels that have vacant rooms. This is a newer app, so their coverage is not as wide as one might wish for, but it will continue to grow all over the world.


Stuck with a long layover or delay? GateGuru will provide you with a map of the terminals and reviews of the restaurants in the airport. Although, the best feature may very well be the “tips” section, which shows the average wait time at each terminal’s security checkpoint.