Five Travel Apps You Need This Summer

The Top Five Travel Apps to Use This Summer

It’s summer, finally! I’m sure you’ve planned out all of your summer trips and are ready to pack your bags and hit the road! When you’re on the go during your summer vacations, your phone can be your greatest resource – especially with all of the new travel apps. No matter where you are on your travels, all you need to do to find out whatever you need is to download these five travel apps.


The weather is always unpredictable. Whether you’re traveling just a few hours away or flying across the world, it’s hard to decipher what the weather will be like – especially if you’re watching the weather channel in a foreign country. Weather+Free has a simple structure and informs you of the climate in multiple locations and features the local time, temperature, humidity, visibility and wind speed so that you’ll know exactly what to bring and what to wear on your trip!


It’s always nice to find fun events that are going on wherever you’re vacationing at. Goby pinpoints all of the neighborhood hot spots in your vicinity. It can even find nearby events such as concerts, plays and so much more that are just around the corner!

Google Translate

So you’re spending the summer in France and don’t quite remember everything you learned in your high school French class…no problem. Google Translate will rapidly translate entire paragraphs of text, or even the spoken word. Say a phrase in any language and it will repeat your words in the foreign language of your choice.

Hotel Tonight

If you are stressing about finding a hotel room for the night, Hotel Tonight will take care of it. They work with local hotels in major metropolitan areas to post last-minute room rates for hotels that have vacant rooms. This is a newer app, so their coverage is not as wide as one might wish for, but it will continue to grow all over the world.


Stuck with a long layover or delay? GateGuru will provide you with a map of the terminals and reviews of the restaurants in the airport. Although, the best feature may very well be the “tips” section, which shows the average wait time at each terminal’s security checkpoint.

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