Camp like James Bond

How to Go Camping Like James Bond

Let’s face it — when it comes to cool technology, James Bond is king. While he may be more known for his high-tech weaponry and spy gadgets, one can safely assume 007 would definitely bring only the best camping technology for a wilderness excursion. Whether you’ll be using it for top-secret espionage business or just a leisurely little getaway, here is some of the best new innovative camping technology that can help you go camping like James Bond.

Take Shelter in a Geodesic Dome Tent

Before you get going with any of the more gadgety gear, a camper needs to have their shelter situation figured out. A traditional tent just won’t do for a secret agent type, which is why the geodesic dome tent is the perfect fit for the tech-loving camper. No need to mess with poles, as these tents are conveniently inflatable and completely durable. Options include The Cave design, which is available for $715 and The Wedge, which is available for $580.

Purify Your Water for Safe Drinking with the SteriPEN

When you’re camping, one of the top concerns often revolves around where you will get water that is safe for drinking. You can’t always count on the water to be clean in the area you’re camping in, but you also don’t want to be packing gallons upon gallons of water on top of everything else you need to bring. Fortunately, water purifying is possible thanks to a portable UV lamp known as the SteriPEN. By simply turning it on and stirring a few times, you can purify any and all water from any source. Plus, the SteriPEN doubles as an LED flashlight, in case you are a spy who needs to watch out for the bad guys. The SteriPEN can be purchased for $89.95.

Rinse off the Dirt from the Day with the Help of the Helio Pressure Shower

It’s almost amazing just how dirty you can get when you go camping — even if you’re only a few hours into your trip. What’s even more amazing, though, is that there is camping technology that lets you take a shower on the go, no matter where you are. This innovative invention is called the Helio Pressure Shower and the best part about it? You don’t even need to hang it from anything to use it! The Helio Pressure Shower is operated by a foot pump that you simply step on to disperse the water. If you want to take a hot shower like you would at home, all you have to do is set the water container (which weighs under two pounds) in the sunlight for a little while to heat it up. You’ll be ready to rinse off right after an intense hike with convenience that seems too good to be true. Besides, if you’re camping like James Bond would, you’re probably always on the go — and you never know when you’re going to have to clean up and put on one of those signature tuxedos.

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