Flat Rate IT Support

3 Ways Everyone in Your Company Can Benefit from Flat Rate IT Services

When employees in the office have to tackle IT services, regardless of their positions within the company, productivity declines, job satisfaction plummets and frustration soars. You and your employees need to get back to doing what it is that makes the business run, and IT problems aren’t it. Allow the professionals to take care of IT and save your business cash while doing so. Everyone in the company can benefit from flat rate IT, here’s how:

The CEO Saves Cash

When companies decide to use flat rate IT services, as opposed to hourly rates or in-house IT services, the potential to save thousands in IT costs every year emerges. Flat rate IT services permit the CEO to redirect capital and resources to other areas within the company to nurture an environment for growth, marketing, networking, education and specialization. Companies do not have to starve one department of necessary resources to accommodate the fluctuating needs of the IT budget. When businesses employ flat rate services, future planning is easier because the CEO knows the anticipated fixed rate, and the possibility for expensive failures, overtime and downtime diminishes. CEOs have the option to redirect resources, reinvest capital, or save money for future use.

Employees Work in Specialized Areas

The team hired did not plan to deal with IT failures, software malfunctions and data recovery, so why should they have to? Flat rate IT allows company employees and essential management to get back to doing what it is the company hired them to do. When the sales team has more time to sell and network, productivity and profit increase, and the CEO does not have to worry about pushing the money back into the IT budget to pay for costly expenses. Another benefit of having a dedicated flat rate IT team, instead of relying on employees to tolerate and deal with frustrating IT maintenance and service, is morale. Happy employees will stay with your company longer, perform better, and create meaningful relationships within the company and its clients.

Better Relationships with Clients and Vendors

“I’m sorry. Our computers are down right now,” is not your client’s problem, your vendor’s problem, or your potential client’s problem. Clients, vendors and potential clients will only tolerate IT messes for so long, if at all, before they seek assistance or take their business elsewhere. Efficiency and security play a large role in company relationships, and where one company falls short, another company is willing to pick up the slack. When clients feel safe, secure and validated, the relationships they have with the company and its employees improve. Not only will that client continue to do business with your company, but he/she will recommend and refer your business.

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